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Southern New Hampshire
Veterinary Referral

336 Abby Road
New Hampshire 03103
(near Manchester Regional Airport)

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Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral Hospital is a BBB Accredited Animal Hospital in Manchester, NH

Veterinarian Continued Education

Onsite Ultrasound Education -

We bring the training right to you!  Or we have 2 convenient locations to serve you.

Patient Ultrasound: Imagine that you can diagnose more medical problems for your patients, improve your proficiency in assessing and recognizing abnormalities. That time is now, and ultrasound is how!

What we offer:
Course taught by experienced specialists who have more than 10 years ultrasound experience.

We can come to you or you can come to one of our convenient locations!

Envision the  experience you will gain working with your equipment as well as assessing other ultrasound equipment from the course. 

Abdominal Ultrasound:
This CE covers the anatomy of abdominal structures including, abdominal vasculature, bladder, gallbladder, liver, spleen, liver, pancreas, adrenals, kidney and GI tract. We also review the important pathology you will need to be able to recognize by ultrasound.

Cardiac Ultrasound:
The best diagnostic tool for the patient in heart failure. The ONLY study to find a pericardial effusion.

Pulmonary Ultrasound:
We review applications for ultrasound in the pulmonary cavity. This include information on evaluating CHF, effusions, pneumothorax and infiltrates with ultrasound. *This is for advanced ultrasound performers who already have a sound cardiac foundation.

This activity has been approved for 4  CE credits. 

Specialist will bring an ultrasound machine and will review your own set up and ultrasound machine.  On site course will utilize 2 ultrasound machines.

Maximum of 4 veterinarians at a hospital for optimal hands on experience, and skill set should be comparable.

Course is 2 hours hands on with as many patients as you want to go through.  1 hour is then left for review and questions.

A manual of ultrasounds and images will be provided to each participant.

Cost of course and materials is $900.

A review of techniques and assessment is recommended 1 to 2 months at your facility after the course for a refining of techniques and questions. Cost of the follow up review is $250.

For more information on this CE course and/or to register, please email register@vetcriticalcare.com.


For more information on these CE courses and/or to register, please email register@vetcriticalcare.com.

Onsite Acupuncture Education -

Email to learn about our free Acupuncture lecture worth 1 CE credit for our Referring DVMs. Dr. Toolan will provide an acupuncture introduction lecture & demonstration at your clinic. If interested, please send an email to: register@vetcriticalcare.com. Please note these lectures are offered on Tuesdays only.