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Southern New Hampshire
Veterinary Referral

336 Abby Road
New Hampshire 03103
(near Manchester Regional Airport)

1 (603) 782-8181 Phone
1 (603) 782-8167 Fax



Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral Hospital is a BBB Accredited Animal Hospital in Manchester, NH


Heart and lung disease in animals takes on many various forms. Some of the diseases we see in pets are very similar to the diseases people get, and are also treated similarly. Other diseases are unique to animals and are treated very differently. Signs of heart or lung disease vary; differentiating these two is important to develop a treatment protocol for the pet and often our cardiologist works in conjunction with our internal medicine specialist or critical care specialist to establish an accurate diagnosis and therapeutic plan.

Our goal is to provide New Hampshire, Vermont and North Eastern Massachusetts veterinarians affordable expertise in cardiology through advanced diagnostics, unique equipment, and accessibility for procedures that were once limited to university settings. Our specialists have many years of experience in advanced cardiopulmonary medicine. We work closely with the family veterinarian to help manage long term treatments and are always available by phone or in person to assist with a case.

Dr. Nonya Fiakpui

Consultations:   By appointment Monday to Friday

LOCATIONS:  Manchester and Portsmouth/Newington