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Southern New Hampshire
Veterinary Referral

336 Abby Road
New Hampshire 03103
(near Manchester Regional Airport)

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Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral Hospital is a BBB Accredited Animal Hospital in Manchester, NH


Skin and ear issues in a dog or cat are the top two problems that cause owners to take their pet to a veterinarian. No one can stand seeing their beloved pet uncomfortable constantly. Within the past few decades, rapidly increasing amounts of new knowledge, instrumentation, diagnostic techniques and treatments in veterinary medicine have made it possible to more accurately diagnose and assess a patients medical problems; this includes acute and chronic skin diseases.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and its health has an immense impact on the quality of life of our pets.  Skin can be adversely affected by abnormalities in inner body systems, such as the endocrine system or the immune system,  As the first line of defense against the world, skin can be greatly affected by pet's environment.  Changes in the coat and skin can be the result of a complex reaction to both internal and environmental stimuli.  We look at the patient as well as the patient's environment as a whole in order to determine the cause for the skin problem including infections, parasites, food allergies, contact allergies, and inhalant allergies.  All of these can cause extreme reactions in the skin.  Many of these diseases look very much alike, often with only subtle variations in clinical presentation, but there are vast differences in treatment and prognosis.


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* After each visit to our clinic your family veterinarian will receive a letter that details the dermatologic examination, results of tests completed, therapies instituted, and follow up expectations. We recognize that it is the family veterinarian who takes over the overall medical care of the pet to ensure optimal results.

Dr. Jeff Vogel


CONSULTATIONS:                      MONDAY - FRIDAY


*Before your pet’s first visit to the dermatology clinic please contact your family veterinarian’s office and have your pet’s pertinent medical records faxed to our office. This way previous therapy, procedures and test results can be thoroughly reviewed.