A Variety of Specialities Under One Roof

Specialty Services

Our specialists provide high-quality, personalized healthcare for your pet.  This advanced care is unique to their extensive training in their particular specialty.  Pets are seen on a referral basis.  Our hours are Monday- Friday 8am to 7pm & Saturday 9am - 2pm.

We also offer Outpatient Ultrasounds.  Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding outpatient veterinary ultrasounds.

Specialty Departments

  • Surgery

    Our state-of-the-art surgery department is centered on providing the most advanced surgical procedures and surgery specialists available.    

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  • Cardiology

    Heart and lung disease in animals takes on many various forms.    

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  • Internal Medicine

    Our board-certified Internal Medicine Specialists have an extensive background in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of internal medicine conditions.      

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    Internal Medicine
  • Neurology

    Our neurology department is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for patients with neurologic disorders involving the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.            

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  • Oncology

    Cancer is common in pets and the frequency of occurrence increases with age.          

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  • Critical Care & ER

    Our facility is also home to the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester (VECM), which provides 24-Hour Emergency Services and has been in the community for over 20 years.        

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    Critical Care & ER
  • Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging

    We provide a wide variety of advanced diagnostic imaging services and board-certified Specialists that have extensive knowledge in their specific health disciplines.             

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    Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
  • Ophthalmology

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What is a Specialist?

A Veterinary Specialist, also called a Diplomate, is the highest level of distinction in Veterinary medicine.  This advanced accomplishment and title is awarded by specialty associations for advanced training and medical achievements in a specific clinical field of veterinary medicine.

A Specialist in veterinary medicine is similar to a human medicine specialist.  Pets need specialists too!  In addition to the traditional undergraduate and four years of veterinary school completed by a regular veterinarian, a Veterinary Specialist must also complete at least 1 year of an internship and 2 to 4 (and sometimes more) years of residency training.  Certifying examinations must then be passed in order to become a board-certified Veterinary Specialist. Specialists tend to have a greater knowledge of the unusual, uncommon, or rare diseases and often a deeper understanding of hard to treat medical conditions. In addition, a Veterinary Specialist typically has diagnostic equipment and resources not generally used at your regular veterinarian’s office.

Our Facility Offers 24-Hour Emergency Care through VECM

- Located in our hospital
Emergency Services