A Variety of Specialities Under One Roof


Heart and lung disease in animals takes on many various forms. Some of the diseases we see in pets are very similar to the diseases people get, and are also treated similarly. Other diseases are unique to animals and are treated very differently.

Signs of heart or lung disease vary.  Differentiating these two is important to develop a treatment protocol for the pet, and often our cardiologist works in conjunction with our internal medicine specialist or critical care specialist to establish an accurate diagnosis and therapeutic plan.

Our goal is to provide New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts veterinarians affordable expertise in cardiology through advanced diagnostics, unique equipment and accessibility for procedures that were once limited to university settings. Our cardiology specialist has many years of experience in advanced cardiopulmonary medicine and can provide echo heart clearances as well.

To schedule an appointment, please either email us at:  info@SNHVRH.com or give us a call at 603-782-8181.

Visit the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at www.acvim.org to learn more about this specialty service and Specialist designation.