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Oncology (Cancer) Specialty Services

Cancer is common in pets and the frequency of occurrence increases with age.  Did you know that dogs get cancer at roughly the same time as humans?  In general, cats get fewer cancers.  Each type of cancer and each patient requires individual care.  Some cancers can be cured and almost all patients with cancer can be helped to some degree by visiting an Oncologist.

Our primary commitment is to offer pet owners more treatment options and the potential to make dealing with cancer a more positive experience--while continuing to ensure the quality of life of our cancer patients.

We are proud to provide Oncology services with board-certified Oncology Specialists to the pets of New England.  To learn more about our Specialty Services and treatments, please give us a call or feel free to email us with questions.  

To schedule an appointment, please either email us at:  info@SNHVRH.com or give us a call at 603-782-8181.

Visit the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at www.acvim.org to learn more about this specialty service and Specialist designation.